UV – black light pet urine identification for decontamination

Been working on ways to show urine fluorescence with a camera for years… We are making headway!:

Fluorescence of urine using a blacklight

In the Fairbanks/North Pole area, the use of a blacklight to locate problem areas in carpets is almost a daily (or nightly) occurrence. Mostly for urine, but handy for a lot of things! (like soap spills, carpet distortions, food/drink spills, etc). Also, this photo shows that it it isn’t just the carpet that shows the urine contamination! Males dogs especially can ‘creatively’ mark their territory… Walls/Baseboards/Baseboard heater vents/stair banisters.. and on and on….

More experiments to show blacklight fluorescence on photos... gaining on it!

We are continuing to experiment. This house is a great place for it… literally hundreds of urine spots, some through the pad into the sub-floor (why we pulled the carpet).

Very clear "greenish-yellow" hue indicating pet urine contamination

Great picture where the pet urine spots are visible on the picture.





Some of the pictures won’t be as clear as others, but we are getting better! Expand the pictures! You can see the outlines of contamination clearly.

You can also see where we have pulled the carpet and exposed the carpet cushion/sub-floor… There is also a picture showing the fluorescence on/in the baseboard heaters-Sheetrock.

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