Carpet cleaning from all over the United States!

Great to have unlimited nationwide support and training backed with online live video conferencing weekly training & support meetings!

After years and years of “going it alone”…. Wow! Very awesome to be a part of a team that wants to have the most satisfied group of customers in the world!

Internet based training to help carpet cleaners

A neat concept! For the last year or so, we have been working at easier ways to connect as carpet cleaners and help each of us have more satisfied customers through greater skill. It has been terrific! And getting even better!

The picture above is the beginning of our Monday night meeting.

Often, specific subjects are covered that will help all of our individual businesses serve our customers better by being more effective at what we do (providing a better end product for a more affordable price).

When a specific subject isn’t scheduled, then we pick the most common topics that are of interest to the group participating in that evenings meeting…. Subjects change quickly and a lot of ground is covered by individual business owners with 100’s of years combined experience.


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