Scheduling is Easy

Just call or email us, there is a link on the Contact Us page to send a direct email to the office manager!
We typically have three jobs each workday per technician.  Ordinarily, the only appointment that is given a firm specific time is the first one of the day, that is 9 AM. After work is completed at the first appointment, remaining jobs are done in the order scheduled for that day. There can be extenuating circumstances where we can arrange a ‘no earlier than’ appointment for those of you who can not get off work early! Just ask how we can schedule to your availability when you call or email!

Prep Your Space and Save

First off, THANK YOU for considering carpet cleaning with us!!!! Preparation for our arrival is EASY!
Vacuuming: A deep detailed vacuuming is necessary (with special attention to areas under baseboard heaters, edges and stairs). This will help maximize the cleanliness of the carpet.
**A great helpful hint is to remember to start with a clean vacuum bag (or filter in the case of a “bag-less” vacuum) with unobstructed vacuum hoses.**
Furniture: Please move all furniture you would like to an uncarpeted area of the home allowing access to areas of carpet that you would like us to clean . Furniture remaining in a room can be worked around/underneath as able.