Pet Issues

Pet Urine Treatment & Removal

I made this page available to help ANYONE who needs to have urine removed from their carpet. The information is provided as a courtesy, however, there are limits to urine removal. For example, situations that include certain types of cat urine or large quantities of dog urine that requires a deeper cleaning and multiple treatments.


How can I be sure that I have treated all the areas that are causing an odor issue?

Step 1: Locate EVERY spot of urine in/on the carpet by using a blacklight.

In order to use a black-light properly, the room MUST be dark – and the darker, the better. The most effective (cost & time) method of accomplishing this is by purchasing a roll of 8’ by 100’ 6 mil black plastic (available at most construction supply houses like AIH, Home Depot, etc.). Then, roll the plastic out so it is wider than the window by a 6 inches or so, cut and attach the upper end with duct tape above the window top. If needed, you can fasten the sides as well so the plastic will block all light.

Step 2: Apply product** to every spot that has been located due to blacklight inspection.

When you locate a spot (has a yellow/green tinge) then you apply the product** until the area is fully saturated (‘squishy’ wet).

Step 3: Cover the area for 24 hours with either a piece of leftover window plastic, plastic bag or a wet cloth/towel. After the 24 hour period, remove the covering and run a vacuum over the area.

Any questions, call 45-CLEAN (452-5326) for FREE advice.

You can rapidly learn how to detect what is urine ‘fluorescing’ and what isn’t by ‘testing’ the spots that do fluoresce. Urine odor remains, and you can detect it by getting your nose down to the carpet. By using nearly boiling water/brush to agitate the spot, you can smell the area to get a better idea of the culprit of the spot. Not sure, best course of action, treat it!!

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve been on inspections that have required the replacements of large room carpets because of one  dime size spot of urine detected. You will still likely see fluoresce of the same spots you treated, probably not nearly as defined/bright, but still detectable. The difference is that now, it is no longer urine left in the carpet unless you missed it and it will not have an odor.


The most successful product is “Spring Mint Plus” or “Mango Plus” (Same product, different scents) supplied by Waxie Sanitary Supply. It is inexpensive and available in quart containers for residential customers. You mix the ratio 13:1 of WARM Water (approximately 110 Degrees), not hot nor cold. You can judge how much you are likely to need based on the number of spots you find. Mix it up as you need it only! – Waxie Sanitary Supply -3606 Schacht St, Fairbanks, AK 99701 (907) 452-8538

An alternate product that produces great results also,  is “Liquid Alive”. Available at Alaska Restaurant Supply. – 2525 Phillips Field Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99709 (907) 452-2138