Fairbanks pets help carpet cleaners get great before/after shots! :-)

Pets sometimes add body oils that bring a whole new dimension to traffic lane cleaning… And leave us with really good photo opportunities ;-).

Here are a couple of today’s ‘before’ photos:

Pet soiling in hallway traffic lanes

Pet/animal fur sometimes can add body oils that really help hold soiling.

Pet body oils holding soil in traffic lanes in a living room

Another example where, in this case, the pet body oils help us humans clean our shoes as well 🙂

Then after cleaning:

After cleaning pet soiling

Not quite dry, but you can see the after difference already. With agitation/dwell time, the oils can be broke down so the soils are released and removed

After cleaning pet soiling example number 2

Again, this isn’t quite dry, but enough that the contrast is clear from the starting point. We love it when our customers think “it can’t be done” 🙂

Clean fluffy vibrant carpet again! As close to new as possible without risk of fiber damage… Not just cleaned, but renewed.

One happy member company! Trinity Renewal Systems.

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