There are spots that even really old, experienced carpet cleaners can’t remove 100%… Carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, Alaska keeps me humble :-)!

OK, so admitting failure is good for me :-).

Thought I’d video this from the beginning as I knew it would be tough; resident didn’t know that source of the stain, more than a few months old AND their were multiple sources of dyes and substances in the same area(s)…

There are spots than even I can’t totally remove from carpet?! Wow! This week again brought deafening blows to my ego :-(… miserable failure… :-).

Spots from an unknown origin, been there “several” months and the customer “had tried everything :-)…

Sorry for the multiple references to HoppeCarpet in Naples, Florida… I’m getting so old that I guess I couldn’t remember that I had included the reference in other ‘clips’… and it has been a loooong winter, so maybe my jealousy of his videos just had burned into my frozen brain.  If you click this link and also live in the ‘northern climes’, I’m sure you can also benefit from the blessing/training he provides for carpet cleaners/customers with beachfront backgrounds.

[tubepress video=t7S0SXPalvw]

Ok, so I went back a couple of days later… “never give up” :-):

[tubepress video=vuKHTWHseWM]

All kidding aside, Joel Hoppe is an incredible help to hundreds of carpet cleaners around the country and his customers!  Very glad to be able to call on him as others around the country when stuck way up here in the frozen north!


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