Can you rent apartments or homes to people in the Fairbanks North Star Borough when they have pets???? (Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, etc)

One thing about the Fairbanks, North Pole, Eielson AFB, and outlying areas (like Fox; where this video at the end is from)…. We love our pets!  Here in the land of cold and the sled dog team, you can expect some UNIQUE situations to be so common place they are almost expected!

How do you, the property owner, manager or landlord keep your property rental rate at a surviving level by balancing -renting to the typical interior Alaska pet owner -versus the likely thousands of dollars in damage will occur at some point by taking that risk?

There are many many options available to you as a landlord if you are upfront with potential residents/rental prospects…. in fact, coming alongside of your potential resident and working with them will have your units fully rented and happy rental communities established!  It can be done and it does pay handsomely for the extra investment of time… WAY more handsomely than having vacant units! :-).

The extra time?  Well that encompasses very clear agreement on expectations with follow up inspections and very clear boundaries that are followed up/through on…. The options/expectations/boundaries are virtually limitless depending on your property situation/location/amenities, etc.  For illustration only: you could agree up front to a monthly/quarterly blacklight/general damage inspection of the property to have a “XYZ” pound/type of animal in the unit with grounds cleaning responsibility assigned in order to have a certain type pet… Associated costs of those inspections with previously agreed upon boundaries would be covered in the additional costs agreed to for the ‘pet privilege’.

The above should give you a basis for understanding of the direction needed for having pet agreements that work!  Clear communication by both parties, clear boundaries with delineated costs paid up front or building as an additional portion of their rent payment, active interaction of both the landlord and the resident.

Now for another one of my “soon to be famous” pet urine salvage cleaning/decontamination jobs that we do 100’s of here in the Fairbanks area every year :-).  These will occur with the best of plans, and carpets do have their limits, but this unit will soon be happily occupied again at a very reasonable “renewal” cleaning  cost…

[tubepress video=tAeV-obISUI]


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