Another Fairbanks carpet repair post…. when options for replacement are limited, and no spare carpet is available… you can still improve things a bunch!!

Even with a very worn, old and ugly carpet repair can make a huge difference when you are limited in your options!

Those of you that are active in showing apartments available know exactly what I mean… Sometimes when a viable potential renter first arrives at a unit, their eye is immediately drawn to the deficiency that they first see when on the walk-through.  Then, even if the deficiency is really acceptable, every thing they see from that point forward is through the paradigm of the image first seen and measured.  1st impressions count!

When you find yourself in that situation, even when the owner you are working with has little funds available, there are often small things that can be limited as distractions.

This video example is such a case.  The living room-entry area had a very obvious “hole” in the carpet that was visible immediately upon entry.  Even though it was a lower cost rental unit where such conditions would be expected and well within reason, because of the position the potential renters view was drawn directly to that spot.. :-(…  Even though we had no spare matching carpet to use, we were able to insert a much less worn piece of carpet into the spot.

Since the carpet piece used to insert into the existing “hole” looked so much newer, the colors were obviously different…..  BUT, the ‘catch’ people had on entry was now gone.

Sometimes you just have to make some lemonade out of the lemons.

Let us help you with inexpensive ways to help quickly fill those vacancies!

[tubepress video=05FzqRk2QhM]



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