You can repair your carpet instead of replace it! (Fairbanks-North Pole area)

You carpet may not be ruined!  Almost always, a carpet can be repaired instead of replacement… Even here in the frozen Fairbanks area north land!  This repair was performed by my coworker Josh Smith on an olefin berber (mostly plastic) carpet…. one where it is very difficult to match the patterns and install it where the fibers are secure (and will last).  Thank goodness my coworker Josh did it!  Even though it may be tough to admit, he is consistently better at it than I am….

Iron burn in carpet

Ever forget your clothes iron on the floor? Whoops!










His first step was to identify the extent of the fibers damaged, find a pattern/seam that would allow an easy match, locate a piece that could fit within the area he identified would need removal, then remove the damaged area and remove the piece he located to match, then swap the damaged piece with the replacement.  Then install the damaged piece in the unseen area, usually, as it was in this case, the back or side of a closet.

Josh at work repairing the carpet

Notice the piece of carpet that has been removed just in front of Josh’s knee… that piece goes back into the back unseen area of the closet where it was taken from….











Fitting/seaming in the “new” replacement piece to match.

Josh, once again, showed me up on a repair...

A little trimming and a soon to be ‘practically perfect’ patch is installed. You know you “did good” when the owner has to ask you where it is!











Just about done!

Although there is no such thing as a perfect match as the carpet seldom has ‘worn’ the same, but at the same time, seldom are they noticed by a resident saving hundreds to thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

If you live in the North Star Borough and have a damaged area in your carpet, give us a call and we will be glad to look at it free of charge and let you know what kind of success we would expect.

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