North Pole Alaska carpet clean and ready to rent! Some days are just awesome!

I love it when it works out this way! The landlord called me less than four hours ago, and now we have the apartment carpet “spectacularly” clean using sanitizing products, vacuumed, and dry!

Another happy North Pole landlord with spectacularly clean carpets

Dirty carpets tremble in fear when our vans arrive! đŸ™‚

In this case, we were able to remove all the spots and even remove the heavy traffic lane soiling…. Some of the heavier soiling in the traffic lanes will require up to an hour and a half – two hours to completely dry, but landlord has no fear showing the apartment in most cases, within an hour after we’re done!

Another happy North Pole landlord with spectacularly clean carpets

On the way out the door. Happy carpet, happy landlord!

As far is scheduling goes, days like today are sometimes rare, and we are often booked out two or three weeks in advance. However, never be afraid to call us and see if somebody has cancelled… And, we always keep a waiting list for those days when we have a cancellation, or we finish early.

And remember, you really need to have us at least look at the carpet in your home or rental property BEFORE you throw it out.  There are carpets that are at the end of their lives and have to be replaced, however, it isn’t nearly as often as one would think.


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