Santa keeps an incredibly clean carpet and house!

Did you know that Santa really had a house in North Pole, Alaska? Well now you do! I know that I have a lot of blog readers from around the country, and from around the world because of the use of our Trinity Renewal system; what better way to share this great information!

For information, check their website @:

Not only are there gifts available, North Pole land sold by the square inch, real letters from Santa, and other goodies… But there is also a great espresso shop inside for us locals. :-).

This is Santa's house now with "Trinity Renewed" carpet

This is Santa’s North Pole home!

The welcome Santa!

Having this Santa here was quite an accomplishment by these folks… not the easiest to get here to North Pole…

A closer look at Santa's side entrance

The side entrance… just to the right of the reindeer, yep, real reindeer

Yes! This last picture was taken just before we entered… the carpet didn’t even know we were coming yet :-)… We like catching ’em by surprise.

I’ve included a video below of the cleaning process inside the house, but the focus is for those of you that are more interested in the carpet cleaning business/Trinity equipment and how we deal with abraded (scratched face yarns) fiber.

The folks at the Santa Claus house or perfect example of how one can keep their facility basically immaculate, and still have enough dust on the carpet combined with heavy foot traffic to create traffic lanes… These traffic lanes can ‘look’ soiled even when they aren’t.  After our services, however, and the replacement of their displays, the carpet appearance is vastly improved.

Here is the video overview: [tubepress video=IY5MwO_IT_0]


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