Downtown Fairbanks carpet cleaning upstairs away from the road! Packed and ready to roll!

Downtown upstairs Fairbanks offices can have renewed carpet again! With improved quality, those hard to access buildings and hard-to-reach areas can have ‘like new’ carpet with hardly any additional headaches!

Trinity Renewal Systems equipment makes carpet cleaning in ‘faraway’ places fun again…… Almost :-). Still just a bit of effort…

Downtown Fairbanks carpet cleaning. Prepared and waiting to go to work.

Ready for travel!

All strapped on and ready to roll! Down the sidewalk, around the corner, down to the door and into the building. Then almost down the hallway end to the elevator, up the elevator and all the way to the other side of the building! All accomplished without being out of breath.

The Fairbanks "ice palace" carpets

Down, around, in, through, up and down the way…..

Not only can we offer a clean that surpasses any competition, stays clean longer and is super convenient for our clients, but we do all this within a completely secure environment without unlocked or open windows/doors!

I am also including a short video showing how easy it is for us to work in an office environment without risking any kind of damage to computers, copy machines, coffeemakers, etc.

This is a sample of working around a copy machine that needed cleaning behind/under it:

[tubepress video=f6iBZRaIHh8]

Yes!  We do work on Saturdays and many evenings after offices are closed and easy to access.  In most circumstances, we can even work while folks are still present and needing to walk in areas that we are active in… really handy in some of our larger accounts with large hallways, carpeted commons, etc.

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