Cleaning carpet in the Fairbanks “Aurora” area this afternoon; I love having family to help this old guy!

Ok, so maybe carpet cleaning in the Aurora area of Fairbanks isn’t the only focus of this post…. Yes, this was a dirty (now ‘renewed’) carpet that was in rough shape, but what really was the fun part of this job was watching my co worker (in this case, my eldest son Austin… Also a Master Textile Cleaner with the I.I.C.R.C) makes his dad feel soooo old!  And I love every minute of it!

Ever think about having a family business?  Yes, it is a challenge at times, but I would encourage EVERYONE to go for it at any level.  The sooner, the better.  After a short while, the only real headache you will face is that your customers (especially business customers) will soon be your biggest threat :-)…. They are always trying to hire your children ‘out from under you… offering better pay, shorter hours, more benefits… :-(…. Why?  Because you will instill a value system within your children that is attractive to most any employer… and makes days like today a lot of fun (when I can con a son to come help his dad… ).

I didn’t have a chance to get this on video, so I snapped a couple of pictures and put them on a video… Do you remember when you were young, tough and bulletproof?

Check this out:

[tubepress video=oHvi2jBWpv0]

What if maybe you weigh 150lbs soaking wet and you need to get the CM out the door, around the corner, through the mud, across the ice and snow…. and you don’t want to have to wipe the soil off the tires/machine? After all, although awkward, as shown here it can’t be much more than 130lbs (you fill it so you don’t have to carry a full 2.5 gallon jug)….

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve suggested; “Just roll it!”… Maybe because it is just that embarrassing to remind me how old I’m getting?


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