Fairbanks office carpets and coal dust; 45Clean Carpet with Trinity Renewal Systems to the rescue!

Yep!  Fairbanks coal dust in electric power plant offices offer an awesome carpet cleaning challenge!  Luckily the Trinity Renewal Systems encapsulation/extraction system used by 45Clean more than rises to meet the occasion.

After nearly two thousand carpets cleaned here locally using this newest upgrade to the system, it still never ceases to amaze me just how much soil can be removed in a single cleaning… and how much longer they stay clean!

Here are some pictures of a commercial grade carpet after the very first cleaning ‘pass’ after vacuuming:

Fairbanks - North Pole coal dust removal from carpet

Saying ‘goodbye’ to coal dust










Cleaning coal dust from carpet!

Another area’s ‘first pass’ after vacuum










Coal dust does build up quick!

First pass! A layer at a time….side by side, took a ‘couple’ more to get it all :-).











We have literally hundreds of pictures like this on file from the past few months, this was a test to see how one would go about loading them off a desktop computer.  I’m not that proficient … yet, and have been using my iPhone for 99% of my work on a blog… soon I’ll follow with some before and after pictures and videos demonstrating exactly how our process works.

Currently, at my website on the ‘video’ tab, you will have access to hundreds of videos mostly done for other carpet cleaning companies, training, or help with machine development.  However, there are so many that you can’t help but to see one with your current circumstances where the carpet is  being ‘made new’ again.

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