Fairbanks – North Pole areas are seeing red (and other colors) in their carpet! Sunlight is awesome!

Red dye and other colors are now visible in Fairbanks and North Pole carpets!

Between the dyes being found and all of the pet stains in the carpet, I’m not sure which is more fun!

WooooHoooo! Man! My phone has been ringing off the hook! The sunlight is making things noticeable that you didn’t even know were there until recently.

Although it is really common for us to find dyes in carpet, the sun really has brought out the visibility… and the calls!

I’m going to try and upload a few pictures of the removal process for this week’s blog.

Common red dye removal process - one step at a time

One step at a time with loads of patience










After removing dry soil and working in a ‘reducing agent’

Red dye removal

Adding steam heat to ‘open up’ dye sights on the fiber











Repeating the reducing/steam heat process over and over as long as progressing in a good direction (less color).  Often changing products and or family of products (like switching to an oxidizing agent instead of reducing, etc).

Steam use example

Yes! Steam is HOT! 🙂 And yes, you have to be careful!











I have often joked with my clients that in order to remove color from carpet with steam one must develop the appropriate “yell” prior to starting…. just so you are accustomed to it in time for getting your hands involved in the dye removal process :-).

Dye almost gone!

One step at a time! Almost have it all!










Even our company can’t always remove dyes from a carpet (just always better and more than anyone else in my “humble” experience)… Especially if they were applied hot, allowed to sit and/or ‘chemically’ set with a homeowner cleaning product.  There are loads of variables, but the basics are to remove it immediately at the time of the spill and get it gone while it is wet!

As always, I answer my phone most of the time and am glad to help if you need it, free of charge even!



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