Easter evening carpet cleaning in Fairbanks! Warm, sunny and getting to be spring! Even at 8:00pm! No place like home, eh?

Fantastic Easter buffett’s attract an awful lot of people!  People that enjoy great food sometimes make great reasons to have your carpet cleaner scheduled in advance :-).

Out cleaning in the Fairbanks spring light and warmth

Beautiful “evening” in Fairbanks cleaning carpet!

There are folks that read this blog in the “lower 48” that really think I’m nuts… but where else in the world would you be able to experience what we experience here??? How boring it must be to have “normalcy” with your weather and light?  Fairbanks adds new “challenging” twists to every occupation.

Parking lot clearing

Try explaining this to your stateside friends…

Well, when you own a restaurant, you have to plan every detail down to a ‘tee’…  snow pack removal in a parking lot has a new dimension when you operate long hours with lots of activity seven days/week!  These folks have it down to a refined science.



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