Another North Pole rental home carpet ‘renewal’ cleaning that saved the cost of replacement!

Rough carpet in North Pole, Alaska rental home

This is a rough carpet in a North Pole, Alaska rental home. This photo shows the carpet after multiple vacuuming’s, but before cleaning started.


After: Another carpet "renewal cleaned" eliminating the costs of replacement

Yes! Another carpet saved!


Very difficult spot in living room before

Close up photo of very difficult spot in living room before (can see in first picture)


After removal close up picture

After removal close up picture, still a bit damp here, but dried beautiful!

This rental home had a whole myriad of ‘challenges’ including pet hair, pet urine, red dye, abraded fiber in the traffic areas and lots of general “plain ‘ole soiling”.  In this case, there were also several “gum like” asphalt spots in the tops of the fiber that could not be broke down with cleaning solutions and had to be repaired by trimming them out of the carpet.

The red dye was removed without needing heat transfer with a simple hydrogen peroxide product, agitation and time.

After doing a thorough multi-directional vacuum and spot prep treatment, we applied cleaning solutions with mechanical agitation and allowed them to work (dwell) helping to loosen the soil prior to extraction, drying and post vacuuming to remove all the soil that couldn’t be emulsified, but had been separated from the fiber by using the Trinity Renewal Systems process.

As I progress with learning how to provide blog examples useful to the readers, I’ll be including more photos like these even when I have videos.  Look forward to some that we are working on to help folks learn more on simple steps they can follow to solve problems with dyes, pets, rental machine “do-it-yourself” methods, etc.


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