Fairbanks commercial carpet cleaning with a unique upholstery ‘diversion’ and almost crying over “spilled milk” :-)

There we are happily cleaning a large store this morning….

Cleaning a large store carpet in Fairbanks in the morning before real heavy foot traffic starts

Business carpet cleaning in Fairbanks is a great way to start your day :-). We arrive before the bulk of your customer traffic arrives. We can come early or late… who wants sleep when they can clean carpet with us???

Pre-treating a carpet correctly is a large part of the cleaning solution for most any fabric floor covering.

Yes! Can it get much better? Local businesses provide great parking for those pesky customers to walk in from … bringing asphalt oils, gravel, ice melt and all kinds of wonderful things… ALL for us!

… Then! Poof! The manager arrives in a very nice vehicle with a new 1/2 gallon of dairy creamer poured into the back seat!

Nothing quite like trying to remove dairy products from upholstery fabric and cushions… It was very handy to have us at the right place at the right time :-).

Upholstery fabric cleaning with saturation of stuffing provides a special challenge

In order to solve a problem like an organic material fabric saturation like this, it takes a lot more than cleaning the surface. In fact, cleaning wouldn’t really remove or solve this spill as we don’t have access to all areas of contamination.

Just another great way to start your day as a carpet cleaner in paradise :-)!

Yes, you are correct, we fight gravity to solve almost all our fabric floor covering/upholstery covering problems.  This is an example of where, without the help of an upholstery shop, the end of our “cleaning limits” is reached and we have to look to other solutions to “remove” soiling conditions.

This particular problem was solved by saturating the affected areas with bacteria that removed the soil/organics from the fabric for us… even where we couldn’t see them.  Yes, we did win in this case: odor lets you know within hours/a day what was missed, if anything :-).

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