Fairbanks Saturday night apartment carpet salvage!

This one was destined for the trash can: our favorites! ¬†Of course there are limits, but seldom do our management companies ever need to replace a carpet anymore prior to it’s expected life.

Heavily soiled and abraded (scratched) fiber

Why replace when you can “TrinityRenew” your floors! Picture one of several in the process of renewal cleaning

Upon arrival

Obvious carpet fiber damage (abraded fiber) and heavy soiling

Removing the soiling a layer at a time and ‘hiding’ damaged fiber (scratches) as able by filling them in with an encapsulant fiber guard.

Starting to prepare the carpet for cleaning…

Improving nylon fiber soiling & abraded fiber especially in traffic lanes, one layer at a time

Salvage work often requires a lot of steps and time; almost always saving the landlord thousands of dollars in replacement cost, lost rental time, etc.

Removal of the first layers

Salvage of nylon carpet final steps: drying, grooming and a thorough vacuuming

The Trinity machines often bring soil up from down deep in the fibers rather than washing them deeper from over-wetting, our final steps of drying, grooming and vacuuming again removes those previously embedded soils (mostly insoluble).

Above: after soil removal and visually improving the abraded (scratched) fiber.

Even most dyes and burn marks can be removed with patience, the proper tools, dye reducing agents/oxidizing agents

As long as dyes are not set (chemically, heat, time), they can often be removed without replacing the damaged section of carpet. The same with cigarette or other burns.

Above is the entry into the next bedroom before

After drying, grooming and vacuuming: nylon carpet salvage cleaning and repair

Drying, grooming and vacuuming done! Bleach stains explained below.

Above is the same entry after (the bleached areas could be repaired by cutting them out/inserting a matching piece of carpet, but not worth it to the owners in this case/situation)

Nylon carpet repair and salvage much like the bedroom above - before

Like the above bedroom, this required a lot of hands/knees work to prep the carpet for salvage cleaning

Hallway before

Nylon carpet repair and salvage much like the bedroom above - after

After drying, grooming and vacuuming. This apartment was rented shortly after we finished. Happy carpet cleaner, happy landlord, happy new resident.

Hallway after

And yes, the new residents are able to move in!

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