Ester cabin carpet cleaning to Moose Creek apartment carpet cleaning to ….. All in a days work :-)

Ester cabin carpet cleaning

Well, another carpet slated to be replaced was saved! At no risk to the landlord, we quoted the salvage and took the risk that if our salvage cleaning didn’t renew the carpet, our cleaning was free.

What a great way to check the winter tires! New snow and lots of driving….

Ester carpet salvage cleaning

One layer at at time, this this carpet came perfectly clean. The landlord was thrilled to pay my salvage cleaning costs and save a few thousand dollars.

Picture with us already about an hour into the job… One layer at a time. This is yet another rental where the carpet “had” to be replaced…. We repaired burn spots, removed embedded chewing gum and asphalt, repaired dye spots, removed a heavy soil load and “Trinity Renewed” all the fabric floor coverings.

Nice building, quiet, clean …

Moose creek 4-plex unit carpet cleaning

Other than needing multiple vacuuming passes, this Moose Creek unit cleaned spectacularly and now is in perfect condition to show and rent to the next resident.

Well laid out floor plan with soon to be “Pristine Cleaned” floor coverings.

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