Fairbanks – North Pole carpet cleaning security helped by FedEx Office

We are always looking for ways to improve our service, the quality of our cleaning and the security/comfort of our customers. A fellow named Stryder working at the Fairbank’s FedEx Office on 3rd street went above and beyond to help us add personal photo ID badges for all of us working in the field. Unbelievably helpful individual!

Talk about going the extra mile!  Stryder at the Fairbanks FedX office helped this old carpet cleaner A BUNCH!

Of course I tried to hire him! Service and concern for the customer like this is more and more a rare find… Watch out FedX! He is obviously one of our coworkers displaced working for you folks! We want him back!

Here he is with our first four employee ID photo badges.

No, Styder isn’t working with us yet :-).  I’ll keep you updated !

Update!!!!  One of my badges was starting to separate and we had new ones to update (9/2014) AND YES!  Stryder is still there!

Right away in the interim, in order to expedite things and allow me to search for the earlier thumb drive he provided us, he without hesitation grabbed the failing badge and repaired it/trimmed it, arraigned with me to solve all the issues and again provided detailed instructions that were easy enough for a carpet cleaner to understand!!

It worked first time!!!!!  And now we have updated/new badges that are beeeeeeeaaaaaaaauuutiful once more!

THANK YOU STRYDER!  (and, I guess FedX too :-)).

Yes Stryder is still incredible at his job!

THANK YOU AGAIN STRYDER! This guy is awesome! And no, he STILL doesn’t get excited about cleaning carpets with us … bummer.


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