Carpet Cleaning in North Pole AK

45Clean proudly offers carpet cleaning services in North Pole, AK and surrounding areas.  We are the folks that you often see in the red, white and blue vans with United States of America flags toodling along the roads in the North Pole, Badger road, Moose Creek and Eielson AFB areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. If you haven’t used us before, our minimum charge of $118.00 for up to 360 square feet (2 average empty rooms) will give you a chance to experience the results without a big risk.  You will be able to see what we can accomplish and decide for yourself if what we can do isn’t better than any other option you have!  I’m  confident that you will enjoy the experience!

Have questions?  Feel free to call us!  If you have a technical question, warranty issue, fiber type question etc we often can answer those with a free inspection.

Have questions about our company/service? We have done thousands & thousands of cleaning services around the North Pole area, chances are that you will have friends that have/do use our service!  We are even (this year) getting better at the Internet!  You can find us on FaceBook and Google+ (search for 45Clean Carpets)… and… if things go right :-), you will soon have us on Twitter and Pinterest…

We work really hard at having (and keeping) ecstatic customers just so we can have the freedom to always say: “Check with your friends about our service”.



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