University West in Fairbanks was blessed with getting my last hot water extraction method carpet cleaning!

Carpet cleaning in the University West area of Fairbanks this week brought cause for real joy and celebration! After cleaning literally dozens and dozens of acres of carpet using the hot water extraction method with every equipment configuration that I’ve heard of… These are pictures of our last job using that method!!!

Over the past 8 years, we have completed well over 10,000 jobs now locally using the oscillating pad extraction method; many of those with side-by-side comparisons. Our comparisons proved early on that we were able to clean more soil from a carpet in a given amount of time, dry it quicker and keep it clean longer (no sticky residue) than we could by using any configuration of hot water extraction (sometimes incorrectly called “Steam” cleaning) method(s).

With the advent of the Trinity renewal systems equipment, improved cleaning products, and the ATP testing system, we no longer have a need to do an inferior quality of job and leave it wet on top of it!  We no longer count on our or customer ‘assertions’ of how great the carpets look & feel.  We now know that we are measurably cleaner and healthier!  AND finally, the industry is catching on!  With a couple of my co-workers nationally using this method consistently nearly 40 years, we finally will soon have national recognition by major suppliers and manufacturers!  NO MORE arguments!  Cool!

Using the Trinity Renewal Systems 'CM' Model to "prep clean" before Hot Water Extraction

Just to be on the ‘safe side” we cleaned all carpet first with the Trinity “CM” model equipment 🙂

The last room of our last HWE job!  Yea!

The last room of our last HWE job! Yea!

On our way out!  Looks beautiful!

On our way out! Looks beautiful!

Another view of the upstairs on our way down

Another beautifully clean carpet by 45Clean 🙂

We even hot water extraction cleaned the stairs

Close to done! Looks great! Of course, it helps to hot water extract previously cleaned stairs 🙂

From this point in the job the machine was used to clean the last room, loaded up and delivered to it’s new home… And it isn’t mine :-).


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