Carpet Cleaning in Fairbanks AK

45Clean proudly offers carpet cleaning services in Fairbanks, AK and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 45Clean spells our phone number 452-5326 and also is our website address of Http:// !

For over 10 years you have probably seen our “red, white and blue” vehicles with United States of America flags zipping around town?

There are a lot of reasons that we stay busy and are a good choice for you to consider us as the company you select for your home, rental properties  or business.  Right up front I’ll identify the most common and easiest method of separating our company from the others: Ask your friends!  Especially those that have used our company as well as have used others.

What are other reasons?

We are courteous and respect your time! We call even if there is even a chance we are going to be running late!

We are upfront with our pricing! We measure and give you an exact quote and do all paperwork before we ever start: no gimmicks!

We will leave your carpet clean and free of sticky residue! Your carpet will stay clean longer and your routine vacuuming will be more efficient!

We will leave your carpet nearly dry and ready for use in almost all cases!

-Bottom line? We will remove more soil/spots, keep it that way for a longer period of time and have it available for use sooner than most everyone in the northwestern United States.

Still question?  Have us come out for our minimum charge of $118.00 to clean up to 360 square feet of carpet.  The results are easy to compare. :-).


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