New agitation methods tested in North Pole – Fairbanks area today for Tile & Grout renewal cleaning

Although tile & grout cleaning in North Pole-Fairbanks Alaska is not nearly as common is as it is in the lower 48, more and more houses are built with heated slab construction, and because of that, it is becoming more popular… It used to be that you had to have carpet this far north in order for you to stay warm!

Even with the nice toasty warm heated ceramic tile floors here in Fairbanks or North Pole, you still most commonly seen area rug covering it… But not all of it!!!!

Tile & Grout cleaning in the Fairbanks - North Pole areas

Not only is there an obvious difference on the tile ‘face’, BUT look at those grout lines!

The reason that I was putting this blog up, was to show that we are always improving our techniques. This is a new agitation pad that can be used with the Trinity floor renewal systems, and is incredibly effective. This picture is of it’s very first use here in Fairbanks. ¬†We have much more testing to follow, but based on my experience and what I saw today…. WOWOW! We can provide a MUCH better finished product for our customer at the same or a potentially lower price.

Below, I’ve included a video of the first application. Yes! I may finally actually enjoy cleaning tile & grout!

[tubepress video=Ok_A8eP-jVs]

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