Nail polish spill in carpet… Ever have one of those mornings? :-)

Hot pink nail polish on a carpet is definitely discouraging 🙁 and VERY difficult to remove… EVEN for those of with years of experience and tens of thousands of dollars in training, there is no easy answer.  I’ve included this blog, however, to show that it can be done almost completely with enough patience … It doesn’t always work, but ….

Nail polish removal from carpet: before picture

Before – at start of process

Nail polish removal from carpet: after picture

After constant attention by two VERY experienced techs worked for nearly two hours

We were almost completely able to get the existing polish emulsified (into solution) and removed with a combination of “dry” solvents, citrus solvents, reducing agents and steam heat.  Only requiring a couple of 1/32″ sized spots to be trimmed out with a razor… The benefit to not ‘cutting out/replacing’ the stain is that it is nearly impossible to exactly match the wear pattern in a room entrance where heavy foot traffic is “twisting” into a turn.  Fiber in these areas abraids (scratches) easily with the extra weight applied against the soil on/in the carpet at the turn.

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