Fairbanks commercial carpet cleaning & tile/grout cleaning on a brisk Saturday morning… Does life get any better? :-)

Fairbanks airline carriers are busy! Both in cargo and passengers… Especially right before winter closes in!

All those winter supplies are making their way to the villages just in time to beat the snow… And of course, we’re here to help!

Extra traffic on carpets is a wonderful thing as far as we are concerned! :-).

Saturday commercial carpet - floor cleaning paradise!

Saturday commercial carpet – floor cleaning paradise! Heavy foot traffic is our friend!


This is Austin (below) (with Jesse way at the other end of the hall) looking at me with disdain again… “taking pictures again??? Don’t you have work to do?”

hallway carpet cleaning

“Don’t you have work to do? Whats with the camera… again?











This is Ryan (below) … mowing down some square feet…

Cleaning carpet the way it should be done!

Ryan having another great day at 45Clean! Look at that “joy” in his face!!!











One thing our customer’s will tell you is that using our company, products and equipment not only removes more soil, spotting and stains, but stays cleaner much longer that what they have done in the past and this time of year is a great time to prevent your getting “locked in” with last years dirt for the winter.  The carpet in a home or any facility is almost always the largest filter system in the building… with gravity on it’s side!  Agitation (foot traffic) keeps a lot of the soils airborne daily… we can certainly help!

My pictures that I started with on this blog included tile/grout cleaning in a bathroom as we passed the area doing the carpet… I’m convinced that a gremlin in my computer has consumed it and after almost 4 hours of tryin to find it… have decided to relax my brain and see what I can find this week..  So, I may be back to add to this post! :-).




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