Winter carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, Alaska has it’s benefits!


Sleep is HIGHLY over-rated! We are here to serve you/your business!


What do you think of my “new” hair color??? Pretty stylin’ if you ask me.



How terrific can it get?  The air is dry and cool, the lighting is great (’cause you nearly always have a headlamp on), the road traffic is light and the carpets are dirty!  No matter how much water you need to use, we can nearly always have the carpets dry in less than an hour.

Don’t get trapped in with last summer’s dirt!

Our schedule slows way down in the winter even though the soil brought into your home is usually close to the same… and the air changes are less resulting in more dust/dirt… just get out your flashlight, you will soon see for yourself.

By the way, I included a picture of myself on a job wearing a headlamp (actually on most of the jobs today…).  I see in the picture that it shows my new ‘hair-coloring’ style of “grey”… :-).

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