MB Management is AWESOME! Carpet cleaning in Fairbanks/North Pole for the cookie bonuses!

Fairbanks property management carpet cleaning bonuses!  I love you MB Management!

Fairbanks/North Pole carpet cleaning customers are the best in the world! Thank you Melissa, Dodie, & Pam!


How cool is this?!  These folks pay me to have fun fixing/restoring/cleaning carpets AND they give me bonuses to boot!  -Not just at Christmas either!

I made the mistake of moving south once and living in the states after growing up here… as many Fairbanks area folks have.  Wow!  How incredibly nice at -45 degrees to be reminded of the reason I told my new stateside friends I was “coming home” to the cold!

Reason I’m here?: The people are AWESOME (warm :-)).

Tough part of my day?  Saving the goodies to take a picture and post before all the nice wrapping was torn off…  well, er… sort of… note that the cookie bag is fluffed out to ‘fake’ you into thinking I could wait to post .. it didn’t make it home with much :-)….

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