North Pole carpet cleaning ‘for the birds’

Wish I had the time to take pictures of all of the birds!

Because birds are so sensitive to almost any cleaning products, our company is the obvious choice :-).

Carpet cleaning with Pet birds

What Personality! These guys seem to love to pose for the camera!

Birds and cleaners don't usually mix!  You need to be careful as their little systems are super sensitive

Birds and cleaners don’t usually mix! You need to be careful! Their tiny systems are very sensitive.

Birds are busy little dudes, they eat away and....

These guys are busy moving little eating and, well, er… evacuating the food machines :-). Have birds? Call us and let us get you on a regular schedule.

Birds can make a mess!

If I had known how much personality they had when they were being photographed I would have done this with dozens… My blog will have more soon.

You probably wouldn’t think of it, but many Fairbanks area homes have some pretty unique pets. ┬áMany times these pets are very sensitive to harsh cleaning products.


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