Hide-a-way rentals just outside of Fairbanks in the Goldstream valley.. now with really super clean and repaired carpet

I like those carpet cleaning jobs just out of town and yet in the middle of nowhere!

Nice hidden rental unit in the woods and right near town! Very pretty, very quiet neighborhood and now with a clean carpet free of asphalt, red dyes and just plain ‘ole “ickys”!

Today’s “adventure job” was just a short zip out towards Goldstream Valley.  Right off the main road, but you wouldn’t know it to stand in the front door.  Very peaceful and quiet and far enough away to have some really nice fresh crisp air.

The carpet appeared to be an older 3rd generation nylon plush in dirty, but amazingly good shape (very little abraded fiber, very little fiber loss) carpet… and, even though pets have been present off and on for years, the ‘telltale’ toenail pulls, door digs and scratches were almost non-existent.  However, with a blacklight (and with the naked eye), it was obvious where the source of the pet odor was coming from :-).

After a multiple pass vacuuming, we treated all the individual spots that we could locate and followed with heavy pet deodorizing-sanitizing products/mechanical agitation to work them in to the fibers/backing of every square inch of carpet floors.  Then, followed with standard cleaning procedures and dried/groomed and vacuumed our way out….

Some days you just really feel good about the changes a carpet cleaning/renewal can make!

There were also a couple of large, really difficult red dye stains in the living room that we worked on from the beginning of the job to the end… we finally won with reducing agents and steam to finally get the dye to transfer without ANY color loss from the existing carpet!




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