A super clean and MERRY CHRISTMAS kind of year with this Fairbanks cold keeping folks indoors

Soft, clean carpet around the Christmas tree.

At -45 degrees, it is warmer carpet cleaning up here in the hills!

A soft, super clean carpet to sit on around the tree and open gifts!

A “Trinity Renewed” carpet for Christmas! Very cool to watch the carpet changing back to it’s original bright color as we work!


Thankful for the cold weather that is “helping” folks spend some time with their carpets :-).  We are busy!

This client certainly has great place to sit around the tree now!  With a soft, sanitary, plush Trinity Systems ‘renewed’ carpet!

It is always fun to provide really obvious visible results to our customers, but it is also nice to know that we are vastly improving the healthfulness of surfaces that they will be in contact with and the air quality that they breathe.  ESPECIALLY when we now lock ourselves up sooooo tight to prevent heat loss.

A great thing to remember is that carpet cleaning slows way down in the winter and it is easier to schedule with us than at any other time of the year… AND, our already quick dry times are reduced even further with the colder temperatures and drier air.  One hour dry times (or less) are common this time of year regardless of the quantity of water used.


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