So long red dyes!!!! Goodbye mustard yellows!

Using a 'Wallpaper Steamer" to accelerate the reducing agents and oxidizing agents when removing dyes from carpet

Removing color from a carpet without removing the original color of the carpet! What else could be more fulfilling in the life of a carpet cleaner… adding the dimension of repair keeps us on our toes!

From outside of the home, these carpets looked great! :-)

Who would have guessed from arriving at this location what was ‘lurking’ and waiting for us inside! ūüôā

I’m sure life as a carpet/floor cleaning service provider has to be roughly the same for most any person in the United States? ¬†Not so! ¬†I have the¬†privilege of talking with dozens of carpet cleaning company owners all around the country and us crazy Fairbanks & North Pole area residents are unique! ¬†Or as some have referred to us as…. just plain ‘special’ :-). ¬†Because we have such a diverse group, our company often gets to test new equipment as it is developed to the prototype phase… what it takes years to learn in the ‘lower’ states can often be learned here in mere days or weeks! ¬†Partially because of the diversity (we may clean a cabin without water in the morning, then clean a large business, then clean a million dollar home, then a restaurant or a dog team owners home… ) but also because I personally have the capacity to break any machine quicker than most people can get their shoes on… I can discover ALL ¬†the weak points!

Hmmmm, maybe that would be an interesting ‘sister blog’… stories of equipment that survived, thrived and is currently in use compared to the piles of test equipment (and pieces/parts) that I have around the shop…..

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