Fairbanks office furniture cleaning/protecting fun!

Some days you just have “pinch yourself” when you realize how great the day is scheduled to be.

Office upholstery cleaning today

46 chairs in this office of the 63 total cleaned/protected today!

It is always fun for a fabric guy to work with materials that have scheduled care.  Absolute proof that what we learn in all the classes is true: proper care of fabric floor/furniture coverings virtually eliminate “wear” and the coverings will last virtually forever in great condition.  Today it was really neat to witness over the job how much softer/brighter the fabrics were (over 8 hours allowed me the time to fully dry almost all the furniture cleaned/protected).

Of course, the first group of 20 chairs helped me to discover muscles in my back that I didn’t remember existing, the second group of 20 chairs confirmed the location of those muscles, the third group of twenty chairs allowed me to have pinpoint accuracy and long “conversations” with each muscle fiber…. then the last 3 chairs took the longest to clean: Had to hold my phone in one hand in case I needed to dial 911.. :-).

It is tough that experience always has the side effect of becoming OLDER … just think, what if I could have produced this quality when I was 30 years younger????  :-).

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