Arriving in Arctic Village… bummer, not a lot of carpeted floors! Same with Venetie, Ft. Yukon….

[tubepress video=if5jVyuhEEQ]

Learning to see if I can place a link and or a video in my blog.  What a terrific trip with two of my three sons!  We all got to see a new part of the state that we hadn’t seen before.  Lots of BEAUTIFUL places.

Also learned that we are probably stuck within the confines of a “metropolis” like Fairbanks/North Pole!  We found very little in the carpet cleaning market north of here :-)…..

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see parts of Alaska, man it is worth it!  Although it would have been nice to find a way to spend a bunch of time at each stop… and explore a lot of what we did fly over, we couldn’t have asked Wright’s Air Service to be any kinder to us, my son’s and I will remember the day for a lifetime.  THANK YOU!


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