A few Fairbanks and North Pole carpet cleaning ‘challenges’ from the last 10 days :-)

Actually had the opportunity to video a couple of the ‘interesting’ carpet cleaning (repair & salvage) jobs this past 10 days… thought it would make a good blog post to show some of the exciting opportunities that are available to those that may be thinking that  a “Trinity Floor Renewal” business would be boring :-).

This first video is one we took when we first arrived at a job while inspecting it for our records.  We ended up turning the job down as the customer was leaving town and there was no way to accomplish the salvage work that would be needed within the time we would need (urine saturated: blacklight inspection example included by the technicians as documentation for us as this was a rental property where we didn’t know the owner and wanted back-up that we did show up for our appointment and something that would show some of the conditions that existed if it ever came up).  The quality is exactly that, but enough so the next video will show just how far it was from where we started at (this video was taken very discretely to avoid conflict).  This video was not in the last ten days as the other’s are.

[tubepress video=NkK2nZ6izB4]

This next video is after the basic cleaning/debris removal was done.  Then we saturated the entire carpet with bacteria/enzymes to breakdown the urine in the carpet after a thorough preparation vacuuming.  The entire carpet including stairs was treated as one giant urine spot.  Then, using mechanical agitation, we thoroughly worked in the solutions to assure that any potential contamination was completely in contact with those contaminated areas and left the job for a couple of days to work.  This video was our return trip for the second complete cleaning:

[tubepress video=CZXXRPEKOao]

To say the least, the management company that hired us and the owner of this property is “kinda” happy that we were able to save them several thousand dollars :-).

This next one is also from a rental managed by another property management company; although the video is not as detailed with the types of stains we dealt with like “oiled gum” worked into the backing of the carpet, dozens of spots that all looked similar but from multiple sources: oil, grease, food bits/food spots, dyes (in particular a yellow-orange spot that was VERY challenging), urine (found with blacklight), unknown green dyes, a super peculiar odor we couldn’t “source”, but did solve, etc etc.

[tubepress video=3wFkqA3bsuI]

This next spot was about 30 miles north of Fairbanks and an EXCITING salvage cleaning/restorative clean.  Videos are great, but man o’ man, when I’m in my office typing this blog and reviewing them… there is soooo much that is left out :-)… You still get the idea:

[tubepress video=sIHVhP2JDuM]

This next one was fun!  Imagine just what might be lurking on the inside of your old home boiler… :-)… yep, you guessed it: the official title is “gickum” :-).  So many little ‘challenges’ from one source!  Oil, rust, soil, glycol, etc… combined with a carpet, linoleum, porous unsealed wood, and porous unsealed concrete… YEAH buddy! :-).

[tubepress video=BOegGSfBIg0]

Ok, one more video!

Yes, I’ve got more from this last 10 days as well… and a few that weren’t videoed at all… proof of how I started this blog post…. Floor renewal is NEVER boring and just when you finally think that this is the one that will do it… , then poof!  You realize where you are spending the next few hours….

This next one was exactly that.  Looked soiled, but ‘simple soiled’ and a quick ‘boring’ clean…. :-)… then we realized we couldn’t determine the source of the discoloration (not really that ‘soiled’) and with some questioning, determined that it was probably mostly transfer of soil/color from an area rug that had been in the location… I forgot to include a picture at the very end after vacuuming, but you can see from where we did stop that we were well on our way to solving this ‘challenge’… it looked/felt terrific after vacuuming and was improving more as it dried…

[tubepress video=rzF3D9m9UwY]

Ready to come work with us yet?  Still think it is boring, or, for that matter, that we simply “clean carpets”?  -OK, this next one I forgot about… still in the time-frame and I was excited that this actually worked… every get water based and oil based PAINT out of your carpet??  Yep, even I was a bit stressed over this one.. :-):

[tubepress video=uIzFDdNh2mY]

Just another few grand extra to toss around as one of our clients… Now if I could just receive 1/2 of the money our carpet “cleaning” saves people, I’d be the richest guy in town :-).

And there were more… a lot more… why oh why most of us within the Trinity Renewal Systems organization every refer to ourselves as “carpet cleaners” ?  What a perspective change to get out your phone video and go to work for a week/two and then look back!  Hindsight is great marketing stuff!!!




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