Testing “low/no” chemical/moisture “stripping” and re-waxing of linoleum flooring with high traffic use in Fairbanks, Alaska

We will attempt to add to this post with more video and detail as we accomplish similar work.

We are currently ‘perfecting’ a step by step process that will be affordable to our commercial clients, be more effective (look better) and last longer with much more application flexibility!

Virtually no harsh chemicals and very little moisture!  It is not only great for our clients comfort, but for our staff as well.


Fairbanks stripping and waxing of a linoleum floor with almost no harsh chemicals and very little moisture

An almost finished job! Already looking great!

Adding a video showing most of the steps we are using.  The video also shows better detail of the chemical staining of the vinyl itself which was also dramatically improved:

[tubepress video=sVcm6aCZSoo]

The Trinity Floor Renewal Systems using their patented ‘orbital’ agitation motion have now proven themselves to be the ultimate floor care machine.

We will try and post more information, as mentioned at the start, publicly sharing some of the results we get on future “hard floor” care jobs.

I will also attempt to share some of experience of fellow trsorg.com members have had/are having with things a bit more rare here in the Fairbanks/North Pole areas like some of the many stone (soft & hard) surface cleanings/refinishing jobs they have.

Next week, we ‘should’ have more video to post with vinyl composite floors without the staining … stay tuned!



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