3 levels of Fairbanks Carpet Cleaning FUN!!!

Wow! Did we ever make a difference in this home! Interior pictures before/after weren’t taken with sufficient light, but cleaning the carpet and two staircases was like painting an in finished wall. VERY AWESOME.

A lot of the traffic areas had been heavily soiled AND abraded (scratched). Now there is no way to repair damage to fiber from a abrading, but, as in this case, using “Scotchgard-like” protectors can often make them fully disappear…

Jobs like this always help the old carpet cleaners self-esteem. :-).

Three levels of Fairbanks carpet cleaning fun!

It is sure nice when jobs show a stunning difference in appearance after we are done… not so much that the homeowner sees as much difference, but when it is awesome to us as the technicians as well!

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