Clean carpets from Fox to North Pole to Ester to Fairbanks!!!! Whew!


Sometimes carpet cleaning can be just like painting with a really large brush… You watch the color change as you go! These Trinity machines really do help eliminate competition!

One of our summer evening stops :-) for commercial carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, AK

Picture of this is a bit out of order as this is our last stop for this crazy day….

Hidden cabin with an awesomely clean and protected carpet!

Now not only a great ‘hide-a-way’ home, but also one with really clean floors!

Even those wild North Pole Santa's Seniors keep a clean carpet!

Even those wild North Pole Santa’s Seniors keep a clean carpet!

Unbelievable day! Businesses, houses, rentals, pets, dye removal, odor removal Yipes! EXCITING :-). Some of the pictures from today above.

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