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“So let me tell you about how it has gone looking for a professional agency to clean my carpets on the main floor of my on-post housing for me. Last week, I contacted 2 businesses who were recommended to me by the Fort Wainwright Community: Sparkle Clean and Dances with Brooms. Sparkle Clean read the messages and never responded. Dances with Brooms bailed on me 2× (Wednesday and Friday) and never responded after the second time bailing until the Fort Wainwright community called her out. Seems like she had a hard day, so I let it go and looked for someone else. I contacted ChemDry to request an estimate as they were recommended by my own friends. All I got was a form letter stating I requested an estimate on the 14th. Nothing since then. So then I contacted 45-Cleaners because Yelp recommended them. (I should have done that first because Yelp has never let me down. I am also an avid reviewer on there.) 45 -Cleaners were a little late, but in their defense they told me they could be because some jobs may take a little more work. I’m ok with that. Josh showed up, with a smile on his face and profusely apologized immediately for the delay. I respect that. We went inside, I showed him the areas I needed cleaned and he went to work immediately measuring how much square footage. What I needed was less than their minimum amount so I asked for 2 flights of stairs to be cleaned as well if he had the time. He happily obliged. The total was still less than the $200 I budgeted. First, he vacuumed, then did an initial clean and then did an in-depth clean. After that, he vacuumed up all the cat hair that had been left by the machines. I had to leave for an appointment so I made sure to let him know. While at my appointment, he called to inform me he was leaving and that North Haven was there fixing the screens. He wanted to ensure I knew there were other people in my house before he left, which I found to be extremely professional. When I returned home, the carpets were dry, my house smelled clean, and the floors were clean enough for me to put our newborn on the floor when he arrives. (Those of you worried about leaving someone in your home unatteneded, nothing was missing, except the dirt!) The professionalism displayed by this company has restored my faith in the professional community of Fairbanks. With the amount of pain I am in daily from my pregnancy (29 weeks with a huge baby boy), And the nesting weighing on my brain, this service was above and beyond. I strongly recommend 45-Cleaners for fast, reliable, and efficient carpet cleaning. 5 stars.”
~Jodie 10/19/17 -WWW.YELP.COM

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