Trusted cleaning services of 45 clean in Fairbanks Alaska

In our experience throughout the years, we have found that the “Customers always right” is so much more then cliche’. The main goal in our low moisture, go green services is
to ensure our customers that they can trust the specialists working in their home with guaranteed satisfactory results. Our customers are our friends and our lifeline; they
deserve nothing less then our best every time.

When the staff of 45 clean enters your home, we see a challenge that we are determined to give it our all. We do not believe in replacing carpets but restoring
and giving your floors the “like new” appearance, smell and feel. Our chemicals are non toxic for children and pets, using the combination of plant extracts and
colloidal silver because we care about you and your health as well as our professional method of cleaning.

The deep cleaning carpet services we provide are meant to gently scrub to the bottom fibers of your carpet and release the dirt with the power of double oscillation.
There is never a sticky residue since there is no shampoo in our products. Just a fresh clean that eliminates odors and neutralizes, ridding your carpets of any harmful
mildew or mold, this is what to be expected from our well experienced cleaning services here at 45 Clean.

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Customer Feedback

“The owners of 45-clean are very professional and great to deal with. They are responsive and eager to hear from you. There service is fast and they take pride in what they do. I would gladly recommend them to everyone.”
~Rich 03/09/16 – WWW.YELP.COM

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Customer Feedback

“I have to highly recommend this company for all of your carpet Cleaning needs. My house had multiple stains from three dogs and simply living in Alaska. They came in and removed all of the pet stains and driveway sealer that my lab trampled in one day. I needed a wool rug clean and he checked the material prior to cleaning because wool requires a special product and I had no idea. Beyond just cleaning our carpet they also stretched out carpet. We had areas of our carpet that bunched up almost like a speed bump and he was able to come in stretch the carpet and got out the bunching. I was begging my husband for new carpet but after the service we provided today we don’t need to go carpet shopping. The team is fabulous and I am beyond pleased with the entire carpet cleaning experience.”
~Emily 07/27/17 – WWW.YELP.COM

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Customer Feedback

“So let me tell you about how it has gone looking for a professional agency to clean my carpets on the main floor of my on-post housing for me. Last week, I contacted 2 businesses who were recommended to me by the Fort Wainwright Community: Sparkle Clean and Dances with Brooms. Sparkle Clean read the messages and never responded. Dances with Brooms bailed on me 2× (Wednesday and Friday) and never responded after the second time bailing until the Fort Wainwright community called her out. Seems like she had a hard day, so I let it go and looked for someone else. I contacted ChemDry to request an estimate as they were recommended by my own friends. All I got was a form letter stating I requested an estimate on the 14th. Nothing since then. So then I contacted 45-Cleaners because Yelp recommended them. (I should have done that first because Yelp has never let me down. I am also an avid reviewer on there.) 45 -Cleaners were a little late, but in their defense they told me they could be because some jobs may take a little more work. I’m ok with that. Josh showed up, with a smile on his face and profusely apologized immediately for the delay. I respect that. We went inside, I showed him the areas I needed cleaned and he went to work immediately measuring how much square footage. What I needed was less than their minimum amount so I asked for 2 flights of stairs to be cleaned as well if he had the time. He happily obliged. The total was still less than the $200 I budgeted. First, he vacuumed, then did an initial clean and then did an in-depth clean. After that, he vacuumed up all the cat hair that had been left by the machines. I had to leave for an appointment so I made sure to let him know. While at my appointment, he called to inform me he was leaving and that North Haven was there fixing the screens. He wanted to ensure I knew there were other people in my house before he left, which I found to be extremely professional. When I returned home, the carpets were dry, my house smelled clean, and the floors were clean enough for me to put our newborn on the floor when he arrives. (Those of you worried about leaving someone in your home unatteneded, nothing was missing, except the dirt!) The professionalism displayed by this company has restored my faith in the professional community of Fairbanks. With the amount of pain I am in daily from my pregnancy (29 weeks with a huge baby boy), And the nesting weighing on my brain, this service was above and beyond. I strongly recommend 45-Cleaners for fast, reliable, and efficient carpet cleaning. 5 stars.”
~Jodie 10/19/17 -WWW.YELP.COM

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Customer Feedback

  • Friendly, professional and quality service! ~Terry L. 07/18/17
  • Satisfied, Outstanding ~Suzanne K. 07/13/17
  • Customer Service, Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness – 45-clean are amazing. They claimed they are not the cheapest in Fairbanks but I paid less then I was quoted from other companies. They did an amazing job and I’m extremely happy!! ~Joshua K. 06/29/17
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You can repair your carpet instead of replace it! (Fairbanks-North Pole area)

You carpet may not be ruined!  Almost always, a carpet can be repaired instead of replacement… Even here in the frozen Fairbanks area north land!  This repair was performed by my coworker Josh Smith on an olefin berber (mostly plastic) carpet…. one where it is very difficult to match the patterns and install it where the fibers are secure (and will last).  Thank goodness my coworker Josh did it!  Even though it may be tough to admit, he is consistently better at it than I am….

Iron burn in carpet

Ever forget your clothes iron on the floor? Whoops!










His first step was to identify the extent of the fibers damaged, find a pattern/seam that would allow an easy match, locate a piece that could fit within the area he identified would need removal, then remove the damaged area and remove the piece he located to match, then swap the damaged piece with the replacement.  Then install the damaged piece in the unseen area, usually, as it was in this case, the back or side of a closet.

Josh at work repairing the carpet

Notice the piece of carpet that has been removed just in front of Josh’s knee… that piece goes back into the back unseen area of the closet where it was taken from….











Fitting/seaming in the “new” replacement piece to match.

Josh, once again, showed me up on a repair...

A little trimming and a soon to be ‘practically perfect’ patch is installed. You know you “did good” when the owner has to ask you where it is!











Just about done!

Although there is no such thing as a perfect match as the carpet seldom has ‘worn’ the same, but at the same time, seldom are they noticed by a resident saving hundreds to thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

If you live in the North Star Borough and have a damaged area in your carpet, give us a call and we will be glad to look at it free of charge and let you know what kind of success we would expect.

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There are spots that even really old, experienced carpet cleaners can’t remove 100%… Carpet cleaning in Fairbanks, Alaska keeps me humble :-)!

OK, so admitting failure is good for me :-).

Thought I’d video this from the beginning as I knew it would be tough; resident didn’t know that source of the stain, more than a few months old AND their were multiple sources of dyes and substances in the same area(s)…

There are spots than even I can’t totally remove from carpet?! Wow! This week again brought deafening blows to my ego :-(… miserable failure… :-).

Spots from an unknown origin, been there “several” months and the customer “had tried everything :-)…

Sorry for the multiple references to HoppeCarpet in Naples, Florida… I’m getting so old that I guess I couldn’t remember that I had included the reference in other ‘clips’… and it has been a loooong winter, so maybe my jealousy of his videos just had burned into my frozen brain.  If you click this link and also live in the ‘northern climes’, I’m sure you can also benefit from the blessing/training he provides for carpet cleaners/customers with beachfront backgrounds.

[tubepress video=t7S0SXPalvw]

Ok, so I went back a couple of days later… “never give up” :-):

[tubepress video=vuKHTWHseWM]

All kidding aside, Joel Hoppe is an incredible help to hundreds of carpet cleaners around the country and his customers!  Very glad to be able to call on him as others around the country when stuck way up here in the frozen north!


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Can you rent apartments or homes to people in the Fairbanks North Star Borough when they have pets???? (Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, etc)

One thing about the Fairbanks, North Pole, Eielson AFB, and outlying areas (like Fox; where this video at the end is from)…. We love our pets!  Here in the land of cold and the sled dog team, you can expect some UNIQUE situations to be so common place they are almost expected!

How do you, the property owner, manager or landlord keep your property rental rate at a surviving level by balancing -renting to the typical interior Alaska pet owner -versus the likely thousands of dollars in damage will occur at some point by taking that risk?

There are many many options available to you as a landlord if you are upfront with potential residents/rental prospects…. in fact, coming alongside of your potential resident and working with them will have your units fully rented and happy rental communities established!  It can be done and it does pay handsomely for the extra investment of time… WAY more handsomely than having vacant units! :-).

The extra time?  Well that encompasses very clear agreement on expectations with follow up inspections and very clear boundaries that are followed up/through on…. The options/expectations/boundaries are virtually limitless depending on your property situation/location/amenities, etc.  For illustration only: you could agree up front to a monthly/quarterly blacklight/general damage inspection of the property to have a “XYZ” pound/type of animal in the unit with grounds cleaning responsibility assigned in order to have a certain type pet… Associated costs of those inspections with previously agreed upon boundaries would be covered in the additional costs agreed to for the ‘pet privilege’.

The above should give you a basis for understanding of the direction needed for having pet agreements that work!  Clear communication by both parties, clear boundaries with delineated costs paid up front or building as an additional portion of their rent payment, active interaction of both the landlord and the resident.

Now for another one of my “soon to be famous” pet urine salvage cleaning/decontamination jobs that we do 100’s of here in the Fairbanks area every year :-).  These will occur with the best of plans, and carpets do have their limits, but this unit will soon be happily occupied again at a very reasonable “renewal” cleaning  cost…

[tubepress video=tAeV-obISUI]


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Another Fairbanks carpet repair post…. when options for replacement are limited, and no spare carpet is available… you can still improve things a bunch!!

Even with a very worn, old and ugly carpet repair can make a huge difference when you are limited in your options!

Those of you that are active in showing apartments available know exactly what I mean… Sometimes when a viable potential renter first arrives at a unit, their eye is immediately drawn to the deficiency that they first see when on the walk-through.  Then, even if the deficiency is really acceptable, every thing they see from that point forward is through the paradigm of the image first seen and measured.  1st impressions count!

When you find yourself in that situation, even when the owner you are working with has little funds available, there are often small things that can be limited as distractions.

This video example is such a case.  The living room-entry area had a very obvious “hole” in the carpet that was visible immediately upon entry.  Even though it was a lower cost rental unit where such conditions would be expected and well within reason, because of the position the potential renters view was drawn directly to that spot.. :-(…  Even though we had no spare matching carpet to use, we were able to insert a much less worn piece of carpet into the spot.

Since the carpet piece used to insert into the existing “hole” looked so much newer, the colors were obviously different…..  BUT, the ‘catch’ people had on entry was now gone.

Sometimes you just have to make some lemonade out of the lemons.

Let us help you with inexpensive ways to help quickly fill those vacancies!

[tubepress video=05FzqRk2QhM]



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